"This is the single most comprehensive and understandable book on Ficus bonsai."

James J. Smith, Vero Beach, Florida, Ficus grower, internationally acclaimed bonsai master

"Indoor bonsai growers are indebted to Jerry Meislik for sharing his knowledge and experiences growing Ficus bonsai indoors. This is the single most comprehensive and understandable book on Ficus bonsai. I would suggest this book as required reading for everyone growing Ficus bonsai indoors or outdoors."

David DeGroot, Puyallup, Washington, author of " Basic Bonsai Design", and Curator of the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, Washington

"Anyone who grows bonsai indoors probably has a Ficus; and anyone who has a Ficus should definitely have "Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai" by Jerry Meislik. This book is the real thing, not a rehash of information gleaned from other books, but clear, practical advice from an author who has first-hand experience studying figs in their native habitats, and working with them as bonsai on a daily basis.

"Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai" is clear,detailed, and comprhensive. It covers the cultural relevance of figs, their physical characteristics, and their place and function in the natural environment,indoor growing requirements and techniques, and plant problems. It discusses the aesthetics of various fig styles and the techniques required to achieve the desired effects. It deals with propagation, show preparation, and finally, detailed information on specific popular varieties. This book really is solid gold for anyone who grows figs as bonsai. If you don't have it - get it! "

Jane Nelson, Seattle, Washington, noted bonsai teacher, lecturer and demonstrator

"Dr. Meislik presents a comprehensive study of the Fig or Ficus species including history, difference in species, and care, as well as techniques for propagation and successful growth. A much needed book for the indoor enthusiast.Whether for bonsai or decorative foliage this book is a must have. No other publication presents such a comprehensive study of the Fig."

Chase and Solita Rosade, New Hope, Pennsylvania, bonsai teachers, lecturers and owners of the Rosade Bonsai Studio

"Many bonsai growers in the world have been intrigued and fascinated by the vast and wonderful plant group of Ficus, probably one of the most popular plants grown for bonsai. Jerry Meislik's book is full of information and a complete guide on Ficus covering all the aspects and techniques. He writes in a way that is easy to comprehend and we find not only great knowledge on ficus but also a wonderful guide for keeping many tropical trees indoors.

Thank you Jerry for all your research. Sharing this knowledge is a true gift to the bonsai world and especially to those of us living in seasonal countries and who love to have bonsai indoors."

David Fukumoto, Hilo, Hawaii, noted expert on Ficus, developer of "True Indoor Bonsai" of Fuku Bonsai Nursery, and tropical bonsai pioneer

"The Ficus family provides the most exciting indoor bonsai plants! Ficus are truly trees and also proven durable houseplants. As long as you can provide their high light requirements, they are the best and Jerry Meislik is the foremost authority on how to grow them in temperate climates. He has traveled extensively throughout the tropical
regions where Ficus grows naturally, has consulted with the top tropical bonsai experts, and has pioneered growing them in the most challenging climates. I've been impressed with Jerry for many years and recommend his book without reservation."

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